Developing a Successful International Marketing Strategy.Analyse the effects of globalisation of the marketing function of an MNE. In your opinion, what are the main issues to be considered in...

Developing a Successful International Marketing Strategy.

Analyse the effects of globalisation of the marketing function of an MNE. In your opinion, what are the main issues to be considered in developing a successful international marketing strategy?

Explain your answer.

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An international marketing strategy must allow for cultural differences between each set of potential clients/customers. Different cultures value different aspects of a product or service. Different client/customer groups might also be offended by different aspects that are unrelated to your product but deal solely with advertising. It is important to look at what is culturally acceptable in that particular area. For instance, european marketing has shown older women advertising make-up for quite some time. This is only recently a trend in the US. In fact, until this year most beauty advertisements featured incredibly young women. It is important to understand what your customers are looking for in a product in order to effectively market to them.
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As the two previous posters have suggested, in developing marketing strategies for an MNE (multinational enterprise), it is important to know the markets in which one hopes to prosper.  This can be done in several ways, including hiring people familiar with those markets (perhaps because they are citizens or long-time residents of those countries) and doing extensive market reseach, including polling and surveys.

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Knowing your market is key. You might have to change elements of a product, packaging, and marketing. You can't assume that your same marketing strategies will work, because cultures are different and expectations are different, and markets, and competition and competitor's products differ.
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I would say that the main issue to be considered is whether your product is in any way likely to be perceived differently in different societies.  For example, if you are making cars and people in the US want their cars to be safe and/or powerful while people in Germany want reliable cars, you need to know about this difference so that you can adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

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All vital responses so far, but then what would you (or anyone reading this) suggest as being the single most important factor to consider in international marketing?