Develop character sketches for Kino and Juana from The Pearl.

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A character sketch is an analysis of a character, detailing physical characteristics and personality traits. You'll want to include a description of what you think the character looks like, how he or she behaves, and descriptions of talents or abilities, and beliefs.

For the physical description, write what the character looks like and dresses like. Include details about age, height, weight, physical build, state of health and any distinguishing marks or conditions (scars, tatoos, etc.) that the author has written about. Describe the things that the character does or is capable of doing, using examples from the text.

For a description of personality, describe how the character reacts in various situations. Again, use examples from the story to illustrate these emotional traits of the character.

To write character sketches for Kino and Juana, you will start with the fact that they are Mexican American. That probably means they have black hair and olive-toned skin. Then describe some of the things each one does and what their personalities are like, and use examples from the book.

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