Develop your main idea with supporting details (proof,facts,examples,etc.). Topic: Is it important for us to take care of our water systems? Science

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Obviously it is very important for us to take care of our water systems so this is an excellent topic to talk about.

For this topic you can discuss the impact that water has on the ecosystem. If water is left untreated and it enters the environment it can be harmful to the living things that need that water to survive. I would discuss pollution and the different types of pollution. Pollution can consist of industrial by-products, sewage, etc. When pollutants enter the rivers, lakes, etc. animals drink that water and become contaminated. Other animals feed off of those animals and they become sick as well. It is cycle. It not only affects the animals but the plants as well.

If the right water systems are in place and maintained then it is less likely that something like this will happen.

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One idea that you can easily develop is that water is life.  For, nothing that lives can survive without water.  Thus, it is our most precious commodity.

Surely, there is much support that you can locate.  For instance, some years ago, it appeared that Lake Erie had so much pollution that reversing the situation seemed impossible.  However, scientists were able to restore the lake, restock it with fish, and make it possible for people to drink its water.

For assistance with writing see the how-to topics.  A couple of sites are listed below:

In another instance of not understanding our precious water is Atlanta, Georgia's city leaders did not plan well enough to have sufficient water for its growing population, and after two years of drought, Atlanta began a "water war" with its neighboring state of Alabama in order to obtain water rights.  Now, after two years of fighting, Atlanta has yet to build any reservoirs to hold all the rain that has fallen in these past two years of very wet weather.

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