The Sandcastle Questions and Answers
by Iris Murdoch

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From The Sandcastle, how can a subject be developed that displays Demoyte and Bledyard as representational of polar outlooks on being in the world?

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Murdoch enjoys the idea of featuring individuals as part of a larger philosophical dialogue.  Characters occupy philosophical outlooks, and their characterizations help to illuminate ways of being in the world.  Demoyte represents one such outlook.  He embraces a freedom- based philosophical approach.  As Bill Mor struggles to determine what path to take, Demoyte's polar outlook is one that seeks to distance the individual from constraints on their agency and autonomy.  For example, Demoyte does not automatically sanction the institution of marriage.  In a discussion with Nan and Bill, Demoyte makes his outlook on the issue of constraint and socially sanctioned notions of convention quite clear:  "Marriage is organized selfishness with the blessing of society.  How hardly shall a married person enter the Kingdom of Heaven!"  Demoyte believes in individual action and freedom.  When he has enough of Nan and Bill, he is direct in his...

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