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How would I create a mnemonic device to help someone remember the following information? Recognized breeds of hound dogs: Afghan hound, basset hound, black and tan coonhound, bloodhound, foxhound, greyhound, Ibizan hound, Irish wolfhound, elkhound, pharaoh hound, and Scottish deerhound

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A mnemonic device is a memory device that you use to try to remember information, usually strings of words.  To create a mnemonic device, you should take the words and try to use the first letters of the words to create other words, putting those words together into a sentence.  Here is an example.

Kings Play Chess On Funny Green Squares

This is a mnemonic device for remembering the taxonomy of living things.  The K in Kings stands for Kingdom, the P in Play stands for Phylum, the C in Chess stands for Class, the O in On stands for Order, the F in Funny stands for Family, the G in Green stands for Genus, and the S in Squares stands for Species.  I learned this mnemonic device a very long time ago in middle school, and I still remember it!

To create a mnemonic device for these words, you will want to reduce the two word combinations to one word.  For example:  Afghan hound (afghan), basset hound (basset), black and tan coonhound (coonhound), bloodhound, foxhound, greyhound, Ibizan hound (Ibizan), Irish wolfhound (wolfhound), elkhound, pharaoh hound (pharaoh), and Scottish deerhound (either Scottish or deerhound).  Which of the two words you use would depend on what word you are making.

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