Develop a communication strategy to inform clients, staff and other stake holders about the relocation of a community service organization to a nearby suburb. The new location is well served by public transportation, as it is close to a major shopping center, but staff parking will be limited. 

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A communication strategy that targets employees, customers/clients, and others about the pending relocation of a community service organization is relatively simple, especially in the era of electronic communications (email, for example). A modified version of the same basic bulletin can be applied to each category, and the message targeting employees can be the simplest.

Communicating to staff the planned relocation of the community service organization at which they are employed should be done as soon as practicable, as it may necessitate serious decisions among staff regarding the possible need to relocate residences or, given restrictions on staff parking space availability, changes to the way individual staffers commute to and from work. The message should lay out the facts—the organization is moving to a new location that offers convenient mass transit options that may be needed given limitations on parking spaces. The message should convey a sense of empathy for the staff who...

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