Was Antigone successful despite her suicide?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would submit that Antigone was successful.  Antigone does not change in her belief system.  The same values to which she demonstrates the utmost in conviction are there at the very end.  She remains steadfast and true that in what she believes is valid.  In the face of the law saying otherwise, Antigone believes that there is a higher moral law that she must obey.  It is in this where her success is most evident.  Antigone does not waver in her belief in what is right. The same cannot be said for Creon, who relents in his position when it is too late.  Antigone was successful because she becomes the symbol of the individual fighting for conscience, even in the face of social and legal pressure that encourages abandoning such ideals.  

Antigone is successful because she shows the power of ideas.  In illuminating the power of ideas upon the individual's identity, Antigone is successful in causing individuals to rethink about the validity of such laws.  The Chorus urging Creon to change his mind only serves as testament to how successful Antigone is in her stand.  Antigone's success is precisely what causes Creon to change his mind, something the Chorus advocates. They would not do so had she not been so resolute in her beliefs and actions, demonstrating a high degree of success.