Communication in Organizations

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Develop a crisis communication plan for a community service organization of your choice.  

A crisis communication plan is essentially an attempt to predict what might go wrong and how your organization will deal with it, both in terms of internal communications and public message. Much of the plan will be similar no matter what the community service organization does. A key element is to ensure that it is clear who has primary responsibility for dealing with the crisis, whom they need to consult, and how this is to be done.

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Whichever community service organization you choose, many elements of the plan will be fairly similar. The essence of a crisis communication plan is that you do not know the nature of the crisis in advance, and therefore have to imagine the type of obstacles you may face. Broadly speaking, there are two principal types of crisis you may have to address, and also two types of communication. The crisis may be one specific to your organization, or the organization's field of activity, or it may be a more general crisis. Communication may be internal or with the public. Public...

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