Develop a crisis communication plan for a community service organisation of your choice.

To develop a crisis communication plan, you should include a hazard analysis, detailed instructions for each type of crisis, proactive measures, and public relations guidelines.

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The purpose of a crisis communication plan is to prepare an organization on which actions to take in the event of an emergency. The communication should be uniform and consistent when shared with various audiences. To assist you in completing the assignment, let's take a look at the different components that an effective crisis communication plan should be composed of.

A crisis communication plan should include:

  1. Proactive measures. A crisis communication plan should include a description of the proactive measures an organization is taking in order to prevent each type of crisis. Examples of proactive measures include fire drills, routine fire and sprinkler system inspections, tornado/disaster drills, audits, staff training, and regularly meetings by a safety committee.
  2. Public relations. It is important to have an assigned spokesperson in the event that an organization's crisis or emergency attracts the attention of the media. It is important that the spokesperson is able to respond in a way that will give consumers confidence in the organization's response to the crisis or emergency. The spokesperson could reach audiences verbally through news conferences or interviews, written statements, and through social media.
  3. Detailed instructions and protocols for each type of crisis. Organizations face different types of crises and emergencies. Therefore, it is important that the communication plan address all possible types of emergencies that could occur to ensure that the organization is prepared in the event that an emergency arise.
  4. Hazard assessment. The organization should complete a hazard assessment to determine which types of emergencies are most likely to occur. For example, an organization located in Illinois is very unlikely to be affected by a hurricane, so the organization would not need to focus its communication plan on a hurricane protocol.

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