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Develop a communications strategy to inform staff, clients, and other stakeholders of the relocation of a community service organization to a larger venue in a nearby suburb. The new location is well serviced by public transportation as it is close to a major shopping center, but staff car parking will be limited.

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A communications strategy to inform staff, clients, and other stakeholders of the relocation of a community service organization might utilize fliers, social media, email, text messaging, and face-to-face efforts. Maintain a positive tone while developing multifaceted efforts to target the various stakeholders.

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Your purpose here is to make sure all involved parties know that you have an exciting change on the horizon: relocation to a site with more space. You'll want to have a firm move date in mind before you send out communication so that you can communicate that via several...

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Next, you should identify the various target audiences. Your staff and your clients need different information, for example, so be sure to develop separate communications for each of your target groups.

The message itself should reflect a tone of excitement. When applicable, include visuals to better engage audiences. This might be a photo of the new location. Maintaining a positive and energetic tone and using visuals to gain the attention of your audiences will go a long way.

Also consider the various language needs of your target audiences. Are any of your staff or clients not proficient in English or in need of Braille materials? Be sure those needs are reflected in your communication. Find or hire people who can translate your various communication efforts, if needed.

You'll then need a multifaceted means to disseminate the necessary information. Consider the following:

  • Fliers: This is an effective means to target anyone who already visits the physical location. You could post on the front door, in restrooms, and in the working area. Be sure to include the address of the new location as well as the date the new location will officially open. A photo of the new location would also be helpful.
  • Social media: You could use a countdown approach to remind staff, clients, and others of the location change. You might even want to increase interest by asking those who follow you on social media to post photos of themselves at the new location, offer a promotional contest for those who share your posts, or post a video of the new space.
  • Email: Staff likely need a great deal of technical information about the location change, and those details can be handled via email. They may be needed to help with packing or moving, and there might be a window when neither the old location nor the new location will be open due to the transition. They also need to know about the parking issue, so be sure to point out the necessity for more travel time if they will need to depend on public transportation for parking needs. Also research the needed routes they should take to alleviate any stress about this process.
  • Text messaging: There are many apps that allow for one-way text messaging. You could send these out to remind staff and clients of the upcoming final day at the old location and the opening date for the new location.
  • Word of mouth: Don't forget to simply remind various stakeholders face-to-face of the needed information. This is likely to generate more questions and points of clarification than some of the other methods.

I hope this helps as you consider the communication strategies that could be used to target this need. Good luck!

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