Is Leggatt real or is he another half of the Captain himself?

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Well, the tricky thing about "The Secret Sharer" is that the reader never really knows for sure what Leggatt is. Joseph Conrad , the author, was an avid fan of Sigmund Freud. Although much of Freud's philosophical and psychological theories have since been debunked, at the time he was very popular. Freud believed that our dreams were our deepest consciousness, and if the reader considers "The Secret Sharer" to be a dream of the captain's, then Leggatt is a sort of second self. The problem with the captain of the ship, who, interestingly, is never named, is that he is relatively new to his post. The deeper question, then, is who the captain of your own personal ship is. There are a lot of confusing images and themes that keep popping up over the course of the story. Darkness, for one, definitely ranks fairly high. It is a broader theme for more specific images all tying back into Leggatt. The black scorpion, echoing Leggatt's black hair and perhaps signifying that he is dangerous, would...

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