Determine whether the integral is divergent or convergent. If it is convergent, evaluate it. If not, give the answer -1.   integrate from 5 to infinity of xe^(-3x)dx

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You should evaluate the following limit to check if the integral diverges or converges such that:

`int_5^oo x*e^(-3x)dx`

You should use the following substitution such that:

`-3x = t => -3dx = dt => dx = -(dt)/3`

Changing the variable yields:

`int x*e^(-3x)dx = (1/9)int te^t dt`

You need to use integration by parts such that:

`int udv = uv - int vdu`

`u = t => du = dt`

`dv = e^t dt => v = e^t`

`int te^t...

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