Determine whether the given solution is correct. If not, find the solution. A) Is 7 the solution for -3x=21

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The given equation is -3x=21.

To check if x=7 is a solution, we substitute 7 for x; if the resulting statement is true, 7 is a solution, if not 7 is not a solution.

-3(7)=-21 which is not equal to 21, so 7 is not a solution.

To solve, we multiply both sides of the equation by the multiplicative inverse of -3, `-1/3` . (You can also think of this as an "undo" operation of multiplication -- divide both sides by -3.) So


`(-1/3)-3x=(-1/3)21`  Using the multiplication property of equality

`1x=-7`  Using teh multiplicative inverse property

x=-7    Using the multiplicative identity property.

Thus the correct solution is -7.


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