Determine the length of AB and AD sides from ABCD parallelogram with AD = 3/5AB  if ABCD's perimeter is 11.2.

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The answer to this is that AB is 3.5 and AD is 2.1.  Here is how to find this.

We know that the perimeter of the parallelogram can be found by multiplying both sides by 2 and then adding the products.

We know then that two sides are equal to 2AB.

And we know that the other two sides are equal to 6/5 AB.

So now we can say that

2AB + 6/5AB = 11.2

This means that

3.2AB = 11.2

When we divide this, we find that

AB = 3.5

To find AD, we do the following:

AD = 3/5(3.5)

This multiplies out to

AD = 2.1


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