Determine the dimensions of the cheapest possible container. In the following statement. A cylindrical container, with a volume of 4000`cm^3`, is being constructed to hold candies. The cost of the base and lid is $0.005/`cm^2`, and the cost of the side walls is $0.0025/ `cm^2` ----------------------------------------------------------------- Answer is r=6.8 cm and h=27.5 cm. Why?

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You need to evaluate the total surface area of a cylinder such that:

`TSA = 2*pi*r*h`  (area of side surface) + `2pir^2` (area of the base and the lid)

The problem provides the information that the volume of cylinder is of `4000 cm^3` .

You need to write the formula of volume of cylinder such that:

`V = pi*r^2*h =gt 4000 = pi*r^2*h`

You need to express the formula of TSA in terms of radius only, hence, using the formula of volume, you may...

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