Determine the angle whose sine is .23345.  

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If we assume the angle to be say "a" degrees, we have

sin a = 0.23345

We can use either the standard sine tables or a calculator to determine the value of a.

Using a calculator, a = `sin^(-1) 0.23345 = 13.5 degrees`

Thus, the required angle is of 13.5 degrees. It can also be written in radians as `3/40 pi.`

We can carry out the conversion between degrees and radians, by using the fact that `2pi`  radians contain 360 degrees.

Since, the sine function is a period function, the same value of sine will be obtained at 166.5 degrees (or, `37/40 pi` ) in the interval [0,`pi` ]. The same values will also be obtained in the next sine curve (spaced by 2`pi` or 360 degrees), that is at `83/40 pi`  and `117/40 pi`. 


Hope this helps.