Determine the angle measure to the nearest degree. What is angle N?   Theta is equal to 64 degrees. How do you come to this answer?

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thilina-g eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This can be easily done using the law of sines.

According to the law of sines, in the triangle LNM,

`sin(L)/(NM) = sin(N)/(LM) = sin(M)/(LN)`


`sin(L)/(NM) = sin(N)/(LM)`

`sin(29)/24.4 = sin(N)/45.2`

`sin(N) = 45.2/24.4 sin(29) = 0.8981`

`N = sin^(-1)(0.8981) = 63.91` degrees.


The angle is 63.91 degrees, approximately 64 degrees.

francy17 | Student

The triangle is LNM ..angle L = 29 degrees. Side NM = 24.4cm. Side LM = 45.2 cm. The measure for LN is not given. What is angle N?