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Determine and critically analyze elements of the game of monopoly as a cultural product and how it could be better in a cultural frame. Find evidence of those elements interacting in culture and provide at least 4 scholarly to support your argument

In Monopoly, we see many elements of American/Western culture. We see the culture's emphasis on acquisition and accumulation. We notice the culture's tendency to exploit and take advantage of the misfortune of others. We also note the looming presence of jail. For scholars who have discussed these topics, you might look into: Henry Giroux, Naomi Klein, Michelle Alexander, Cornel West, or Jackie Wang.

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The game Monopoly is very much a product of American/Western culture. What do we mean when we say that? We mean that we can see how our customs, habits, goals, aims, politics, and policies are all reflected in the board game/video game.

What is the goal of Monopoly? To gobble up as much property as possible. Does acquisition and accumulation seem like a key aspect of American/Western culture to you? It does to us. It doesn't only apply to money or material items. It applies to things like social media. Similar to how a person might want to...

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