The details of the photo leads Thibault to believe that the girl had done what in The Lucky One?  

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The details of the photograph leads Thibault to believe that the girl had gone to a fair in North Carolina with someone who had been deployed to Iraq.

In the photograph, there is a banner directly behind the blonde girl which reads Hampton Fairgrounds. A German shepherd stands by her side, and there are two young men in the background standing in line to buy tickets; on the back of the photograph is a handwritten message which reads 'Keep safe! E.'

Logan Thibault found the photograph while out on one of his morning runs during his deployment in Iraq. When he returns to Colorado, he decides to search for the woman. From the photograph, he is led to believe that the girl lives in North Carolina; one of the two young men in the photograph is wearing a shirt with the words 'Davidson' on the front. An internet search turns up information about a reputable college in North Carolina named Davidson College.

When a call to the Hampton Chamber of Commerce confirms that the Hampton Fair is held every summer, Thibault thinks that he is on the right track. He resolves to find the fairgrounds so that he can confirm that the photograph was taken there. Thibault believes that this will lead him to the woman in the photograph.

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