Please provide details about the book "When the Tripods Came"?

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When the Tripods Came is a prequel to the Tripods trilogy.  The original trilogy was written in the late 60s – this was written 20 years later.  The stories overall are about the enslavement of humans and the destruction of human culture by the invading aliens known as “the tripods”.  The narrator to this prequel is a young English boy.  He tells about how society is falling under the control of the Masters and their “Trippy Show”.  He and his family move to Switzerland to try to hold out against invasion from either the aliens or from humans under their control.  When France and Germany do invade the country, the narrator flees into the mountains and, with his family, helps to establish the resistance movement (“White Mountains”) which is a part of the original trilogy. 

This story is told in first person point of view and is tended to explain some of the technological and social aspects of the trilogy.  It is not necessary to understanding the original trilogy, which stands alone – much like the original Star Wars Trilogy.   However, it does “connect the dots” on many of the established and accepted details in the other books.

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