I need a detailed analysis of the poem - "When I bring to you coloured toys" by Rabindranath Tagore.

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The poem is a lucid expression of love from one to another.  Many read this and feel it is a parent to a child.  The idea of a parent's love and child's reception of such love is an authentic and pure experience that is captured at each point in the poem.  The first stanza links the love and joy experienced by the child with the many pallets of color in nature, and how the divergent natural experience is linked to the multi- dimensional experience of love felt by a child.  This idea is conntected in the second stanza, as the physical experience of dance is connected to the natural element of wind in the trees as well as breezes felt.  It helps to convey the idea how natural and elemental a love from parent to child is within the world.  The last two stanzas do the same element, linking subjective experience to objective reality.  For the speaker, the sensation of love shared between child and parent is one that radiates and reverberates within and throughout the natural world.

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