Can I have a detailed analysis on the poem "The Border Builder" by Carol Rumens?

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Carol Rumens's poem "The Border Builder" is a somewhat disturbing poem that engages with the current debate on border walls and immigration policies. The poem basically describes the interaction between a border agent (or perhaps the wall itself) and someone trying to cross the border. The poem seems to suggest that borders encourage violence and strife.

The poem begins with the following lines:

No sooner had one come down

Than he began building again.

My bricks, O my genuine bricks

Made of my genuine blood!

What would we be without borders? (1-5)

The poem begins with the vigilance of maintaining the wall. If a wall falls or is damaged, it must be immediately replaced or repaired. The wall seems to be personified in lines 3 and 4. The rhetorical question in line 5 implies that borders are needed, but if we take a moment to think about the question, we might wonder if things could be better without them. This reminds me of Robert Frost's poem "Mending Wall," in which he questions the repeated...

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