The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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In The Destructors written by Graham Greene, What is the purpose of the allusion to St. Pauls Cathedral and the Architect Christopher Wren?

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St. Paul's Cathedral is an iconic building in London, built in the seventeenth century and designed by Sir Christopher Wren, one of England's most renowned architects. In "The Destructors," Trevor, or "T" as he comes to be known in the gang, is the son of a former architect. His father has "come down in the world" and now works as a clerk, far below his apparent skill level, former salary, and social position. Class divisions in England were sharply demarcated when Greene wrote the story, and "T" is clearly resentful of his family's fall. The fact that the house he targets for demolition has been designed by Wren is significant. In destroying Wren's creation, he is striking a blow for his family against the profession that has dismissed his father.

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Christopher Wren was also the architect of the house that the boys destroy, St. Paul's was his masterpiece.

The boys have gotten so used to destruction from the war all around them, that they themselves become destructors. Christopher Wren represents builders, the opposite of destruction.

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shanzae2 | Student

Christopher Wren was an architect who built St. Pauls' Cathedral in London. This is a very vital piece of information because we know that St. Paul was one of the few who escaped the bombing of houses in England by Hitler. This ultimately refers to the fact that Greene is portraying war through the two main elements in this story namely the members of Wormsley Gang and the house. The  house represents St. Pauls Cathedral and the historical perspective it had.