Desribe the industries of America's industrial revolution

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During the American Industrial Revolution, numerous new industries and technological advances were created at an incredible speed. Some of the advancements included the invention of textiles, the telegraph, and even the telephone. Although these industries provided new opportunities for the American people, some were harmed during this expedient transformation.

As the new advances were invented, the demand for them grew and caused many lower class workers to get jobs in factories. As a result of the numerous workers and factories, people were able to recreate the new inventions quickly and affordably. For many individuals, this opportunity brought an opportunity for work.

However, some did not profit as much from this exciting time. Children often worked in factories and were exposed to many harsh conditions. For example, many children received little pay, long hours, and even were exposed to coal dust (which often got into their lungs).

Thus, the American Industrial Revolution was a monumental time in United States’ history. Unfortunately, with all benefits, the repercussions must also be assessed. Fortunately, child labor laws were soon created and better working conditions were instilled. Also, these technological advancements continued and have even been modified and advanced to items used today!

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