Describe Beth's character in Pinter's play Landscape

Expert Answers
lprono eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The character of Beth in Landscape is a woman whom Pinter imagined being around 50 years old. She has no children, although at a particular time she wanted to become pregnant and his linked throughout the play with symbols of fertility such as flowers, earth and water. She has artistic inclinations. She is estranged from her husband who is in the same room in the play pleading for her attention but getting none as Beth is constantly reminiscing of a past idyllic romance and sexual encounter on a beach that may have been with her husband or another lover. The play does not make that clear as it does not affirm without a doubt that this relationship effectively took place. In several passages, one gets the impression that Beth is dreaming about it and that it is simply a fantasy. As the play develops, that single memory/fantasy almost becomes an obsession to the point of making the character unaware of everything that her husband is saying in the same room to get her attention.

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