desmorpressin acetate 3mcg in two divided doses SQ BID available is desmorpression acetate 4 mcg/1ml. how much mcg/dose

Expert Answers
jkirkwoo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the desmorpressin acetate is to be given as 3 mcg in two divided doses SQ BID that sounds like each dose needs to be 1.5mcg to equal a daily dose of 3 mcg.  Therefore if it comes as 4 mcg/1ml you can see how much you will use the whole day by dividing the dose 3 by the availble 4 which is 0.75 than divide that by two doses and you get 0.375.  This would be incredibily hard to draw up so you might ask the pharmacy if it is available in another concentration or clarify the order with the Doctor.