In "Desiree's Baby" by Kate Chopin, what is the significance of the little quadroon boy fanning Desiree's baby with peacock feathers?

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In Kate Chopin's short story "'Désirée's Baby," the little quadroon boy who fans the baby is significant because he is the key to the mystery of the altered appearance of Désirée's baby.

Because Désirée is married to Armand Aubigny, a handsome young man who possesses a venerable and prestigious name, Désirée is delighted with her new life. Before their marriage, however, Armand's father, Monsieur Aubigny, wished to know the heritage of the orphaned girl found on Madame Valmonde's property who had grown into such a beautiful woman. Unlike his father, Armand felt that her past was unimportant; it was enough that Désirée would bear his name.

Now that her baby is growing, Désirée notices that Armand has grown distant, and he has again become crueler to the slaves. Also,

When he spoke to her, it was with averted eyes, from which the old love-light seemed to have gone out. He absented himself from home; and when there, avoided her presence and that of her child, without excuse.

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