"Desiree's Baby" is a very moving story that shows us the horror of racism, but is it scientifically accurate?

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Yes, the story of "Desiree's Baby" is scientifically accurate.  The story was written by Kate Chopin.  It was a story about a baby who had a mixed race background.  The technical term for children who are the offspring of interracial marriages is mixcegenation.  The story is set in Louisiana before the onset of the Civil War, a time when mixed race marriages were not socially acceptable.

Desiree and her husband, Armand, both were thought to be of French Creole heritage.  When they have a child, it is found that the child's skin color does not resemble either parent's skin color, but is closer to that of a "quadroon," a person who is one-quarter African.  For this to occur, either Desiree or Armand must have African ancestry themselves.  It is assumed by Armand that Desiree is the guilty party.  It is revealed toward the end of the story, however, in a letter from his mother to his father, it is Armand who has African ancestry.


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