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Design a poster on “Heroism.”

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That's a pretty broad subject for a poster. The best way to approach such a broad topic is to define it, then give some examples that demonstrate some of the various ways it impacts our lives.

There are a few principles that students should always observe when making a visual aid:

  • Make it visible from a distance. If you're presenting it to a class, you want everybody to be able to see it.
  • Make it colorful. Nothing looks worse than some gray penciling on a poster board. It's also hard to read from more than five feet away.
  • Don't use long passages of text. Students aren't going to put a lot of effort into reading from a poster--instead, use keywords or short phrases. Remember to put them in heavy, bold letters.
  • Use some pictures, charts, or diagrams. These are much more interesting to the eye than text.
  • Finally, dress it up with a little formatting--draw some borders, use multiple colors, underline key words, etc.

Here is just one possible way to design the poster:

Put the word "Heroism" in large letters in the middle of the poster. In smaller, but still easy-to-read letters, give the definition. Then, above and below the picture, as  well as to the left and right, give some examples of heroism. You can use pictures, or if you are a good artist, create your own. You might show a soldier, a doctor, a rescue dog, etc. 

Always be ready to discuss each part of picture and be able to answer questions. 



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