Design an experiment involving Pepcid and Gaviscon  to investigate which is better at relieving excess stomach acid.

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In any scientific investigation, you must first pose a question or problem. In this case it would be, which drug is better at relieving excess stomach acid, Pepcid or Gaviscon? Next, you will gather information about each drug, and come up with a hypothesis. It is a statement about what you think the answer to your question is. An example of a hypothesis could be, Pepcid will relieve stomach acid better than Gaviscon. You are now ready to test your hypothesis. A large sample of diverse people of various ages, both males and females should be used. The larger the sample, the more valid your research will be. Since the variable you are testing is the drugs' effectiveness against stomach acid, you will need a control group in your research study, who won't get any drugs. They will receive a placebo. They are there for comparison. It should be a blind study and no one should be told what group they are in. During the duration of the trial you will have to keep a good record of data for all three groups.  The data would be how many episodes of excess stomach acid the group members had during the duration of your trial. You can collect data each day for all three groups. At the end of the trial, you can analyze any data tables, charts or graphs your research has generated and come up with a conclusion. You will either accept or reject your hypothesis. If your data supports your hypothesis, several more trials need to be conducted for it to be considered valid research.

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