What are some descriptive words to use for a caveman?

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Descriptive words are used in order to help readers create mental images of what is being described. This is typically referred to as imagery. The best images appeal to all five sense of the reader. When all five senses are appealed to, the reader is able to create a mental picture with depth. 

Therefore, descriptive words which can appeal to the senses of a reader (in order to create the most vivid image) are as follows. 

Visual- Grungy, filthy, ragged, ape-like, 

Smell- Earthy, musky, sweaty

Sound- Gnashing teeth, clubbing the earth, breaking bone, monosyllabic, guttural

Touch- Matted hair, course fur covered clothing, grit-covered

Taste- Looking at him made my mouth feel like I was chewing on sand.

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