What is a description of the king's daughter from "The Lady or the Tiger?"

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story in "The Lady or the Tiger" does not state much about the princess’s physical attributes but her other characteristics can be deduced from the story. The princess is rebellious especially against her father. She understands the ruthless nature of her father but still goes ahead and falls in love with the courtier. This, according to the King, is an affront to the royal family because a lower class citizen should not have the opportunity to be intimate with the princess. The princess is jealous and shows this in her hatred toward a lady of the court, who she presumes to be flirting with her lover. The lady is also one of the most beautiful maidens of the court and because of this the princess views her as a threat. The princess can also be described as determined and relentless. This is seen when she employs a myriad of tactics to obtain information about what lies behind the doors, information that was deemed top secret.

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