What is a description of Frank in "Eveline?"

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Possessing a face bronzed by the life of a sailor, Frank is a lodger at a house that Eveline passes on the main road. She finds him "kind, open-hearted, and manly"; he is fond of music and often sings. Because he is a world-traveler, his tales of faraway lands intrigue Eveline.

After they begin to see each other, Frank meets her outside the store where Eveline works. Since he loves music, he takes her to The Bohemian Girl, a light, romantic opera. Always he tells her tales of his sea-faring adventures, naming the ships on which he has sailed and describing the places he has been.

He had fallen on his feet in Buenos Ayres, he said, and had ome over to the old country just for a holiday.

Frank invites Eveline to join him when he returns to Buenos Ayres, a thriving city that has attracted many European immigrants and adventurers. However, the slang expression "Going to Buenos Ayres" means taking up a life of prostitution. So, perhaps, Eveline's father is aware of this meaning because he has forbidden his daughter from seeing Frank, with whom he has also had a quarrel. "I know these sailor chaps," he has told Eveline.