What is a description of the Curate from The War of the Worlds?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Curate is a priest who has survived the initial attacks, but finds his faith insufficient to deal with the reality of the Martians; he also finds his faith shaken, as the seemingly random slaughter of humans follows no logical or religious path. His terror of the Martians leads him to lose control in almost every situation, endangering himself and the Narrator.

"All the work--all the Sunday schools--What have we done--what has Weybridge done? Everything gone--everything destroyed. The church! We rebuilt it only three years ago. Gone! Swept out of existence! Why?"
"Things have changed," I said, quietly. "You must keep your head. There is still hope."
(Wells, The War of the Worlds, eNotes eText)

The Curate's panic is contrasted with the Narrator's continued calm, as he tries and fails to make sense of the attacks. He speaks of the senseless nature of the Martians, and of the apparent disinterest of God, who is not protecting humanity (and religious men like him specifically) from the attacks, despite their piety. In the end, the Narrator is forced to knock the Curate out or be killed by Martians; the Curate is dragged away by the Martians, and is drained of blood by them.

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