What is the relationship between Han and his wife in "Han's Crime"?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Han says he loves his wife until she has her child dies.  He is convinced that she killed the baby because she had an affair with her cousin.

Han does love his wife at first, and they seem to have a good relationship.  However, his wife does have an affair with her cousin, so the relationship was in trouble even before the child was killed.  Han would get angry at his wife, but he told the stagehand he was not going to get a divorce.

Han claims that while he was angry at his wife, he never wanted to kill her. Killing her was an accident.  His anger turned into “a feeling of loneliness” instead and he did not have the heart to do it.  He was so tired from staying up all night thinking about it that he was off his game and messed up.  When he killed her, his first thought was that he did it on purpose but he realized later that he didn’t.

Han is acquitted, even though he tells the judge that he does not feel sorry for her death and he can talk “cheerfully about her death.”

“Han’s Crime” is a tale of a marriage gone sour.  In this case, one thing leads to another in a terrible chain of events.  Did Han kill his wife?  Even he does not know for sure.


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