How you would deal with an event, global or domestic in nature, which could affect your job in the criminal justice field?  

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As an example of how employees in the Federal Bureau of Prisons dealt with a global event, the example of the aftermath of the 1993 bombing of the underground garage of the New York City's North Tower of the Twin Towers planted by terrorist Ramzi Yousef will be used.

Blind Islamic leader Mohammed Omar Abdel-Rahman issued a fatwa calling for the destruction of the North Tower which was to have then fallen into the South Tower, destroying the Trade Center. He was finally arrested and sent to Federal Medical Center Butner.  The others involved were sent to Marion, Illinois U S Penitentiary or maximun security prison, Colorado's ADX Floence.

As an employee of these prisons in the Federal criminal justice field, extra superision and extra security was required for such terrorists.  Also, since those involved with the 1993 bombing were religious fanatics, they required even more security than other prisoners when being transported since the threat of supporters was involved. Media coverage of the transportation of these prisoners also presened added threats to security. There is also the potential of other groups in the prison, such as the Black Muslims, and other Muslims becoming stirred up with the presence of such prisoners as those involved in the bombing. For instance, they may feel that the terrorists are unjustly treated, etc. and, thus, become threats to security themselves.  Often, then, the entire atmosphere within a prison is affected by the introduction of such high-profile inmates.