Described a scene from the film that corresponds with a situation described in the novel: what are the similaritiesfrom dead poets society and catcher in the rye

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In both The Catcher in the Rye and Dead Poets Society, two boys in private schools commit suicide because of the problems of conformity and the lack of freedom.

James Castle jumps out of a window because he cannot live in a corrupt world that demands he "sell out."  He would rather end his life than take back what he calls others: "conceited."  Unfortunately, James Castle feels that the world is full of conformists and phonies, devoid of freedom.

Mr. Antolini takes up his body and shields it from the rubberneckers at the school.  He gains much respect from Holden because he seeks to bury the dead rather than making a spectacle of it.

James is similar to Neil in the film, and Mr. Antolini is somewhat like Mr. Keating.  Both boys commit suicide, and both teachers are honored by an acquaitance of the deceased.

Neil shoots himself because he is forced to forsake his dreams.  His father limits his freedom by trying to mold him into a doctor.  Unlike Mr. Antolini, Mr. Keating is blamed for the death because he fills the boy's head full of dreams.  In this way, the teacher becomes a hero of the film's reluctant hero Todd.

Although the film deals with suicide of a main character and the novel only presents the episode in flashback, both deaths are turning points for each narrative.

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