Describe others can get to know you a little betterHow about we describe ourselves and our lives / careers so we can know each other a little more. good idea?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Random facts... I got married when I was 20.  I grew up on Pohnpei... go look it up.  I've actually "met" two people on eNotes who were from there.  Got a Ph.D. and then decided academia wasn't for me.  Quit teaching full time for a part-time job so I could stay home with my kids.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm John, a 25 year veteran of the teaching wars. A native Floridian, I love to travel more than anything else--Europe and the Caribbean are my favorite destinations. I'm also a former sports writer; music, history, writing and swimming are other passions.

megan-bright eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm Tronci, and I live near the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches with my husband and our wonderful daughter Megan. I'm a freelance writer whose working on building an online gift shop. I have a BS in Psychology  and Master's in Teaching.

thewanderlust878 | Student

Hi there! My name is Elise, and I am a college freshman studying Biology with an emphasis on Pre-Medicine at the University of Iowa. I an an avid gamer (I absolutely LOVE video games, I play any and all), and I also love to play the guitar and watch TV. I have 2 horses that I show during the summer and I live on a farm in Illinois... 7 miles away from the nearest town :)

ayy-dee | Student

My name is Aarifa,also from Durban...i am in grade 10. i hate exams and homework. i am 15 years old. i enjoy Sleeping^_^,traveling and spending time with family and friends. i love swimming,reading and sporting activities.;-)

just-s | Student

I am Shaakira from Durban, South Africa. currently in grade 11.I am 16 years old. I love school and Sports. I enjoy farm life & learning about the Quraan, Ahaadith and Sunnah.and yep also to become a better Muslim as Najm has said...which should be all Muslims objective in life. i love horses, dolphins...basically most animals;-)I enjoy traveling especially to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Turkey.....

i think this idea of getting to know everyone better is a good one:-)

najm1947 | Student

I am Najm from Pakistan. Engineer by profession and have worked as a teacher, planner, designer and consultant. I have a Passion for teaching, creative designing and gardening. At an age of 65 now, I spend most of my time gardening at home that has been designed by me with extensive landscaping, in addition to teaching and participating in eNotes Q&A and discussions. I am still learning Quran and try to be a true Muslim with an objective to have a face to show to Allah (God) in the hereafter.

loraaa | Student

I'm Laura  (^_*)
 I love watching movies ... what else ...  o_O
 I hate exams ...

 And I travel frequently to Egypt,Italy, Lebanon and Dubai  ^_^

moocow554 | Student

My name is Jeff. I love soccer and watching sports on tv. I am in 10th grade, only 16. I am learning how to drive. I got my permit in October and so far im loving it. I have a Siberian husky named Misty. I love going to live concerts. Mostly rock, but sometimes country and oldies. I absolutly love MUSIC. I am an only child also. Some hobbies include snowmobiling, dirtbiking, driving, lifting weights, and relaxing. haha