Describe Wordsworth as a 19th century poet.What were some main themes in his writing? How is that seen through Tintern Abbey as well as his other pieces?

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a Romantic poet Wordsworth did seem to be concerned with the themes of Nature, though as we can see in 'Tintern Abbey' he vacillated. Sometimes Nature was the 'be all and end all' for William Wordsworth, sometimes though it was the heart. He seemed to swing from being reassured by the calmness of nature and soul (Upon Westminster Bridge) to being terrified of it (some of his Lakeland poetry.) In Tintern Abbey we see this change of flow, like the rivers he so admired. He felt there was more to Nature than just beauty- heartfelt acts of kindness interwoven with it with the ideal and helped humankind to make sense of it. 'Tintern Abbey' is both lyrical and meditative - we see Wordsworth contemplating these issues here.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Wordsworth was a poet that was a product of his time period.  Arriving on the literary stage after the Neoclassicist literary movement which emphasized social advancement and a sense of conformity, Wordsworth helped to articulate the Romanticist response.  Along with Coleridge and succeeding the work of Blake, the thematic development of this movement emphasized individuality and listening to authentic individual voice within a naturalized setting.  The reverence for nostalgia and, in particular, childhood were also important themes that Wordsworth developed.

subrataray | Student

Eighteenth -century , with Dryden and Pope witnessed , the criticism of the society .Man was the object of poetry .Ther were pre-dominating influence of heroic-couplet , choice of diction ,etc .There began a reaction from the heart of the age of Pope ,-neoclassical age .Gray , Thomson , Burn and Blake , hearlded romantic revival .And in 1798,The Lyrical Ballads , published by Wordsworth ,and Coledrige , officially established the advent of the 19th -century romantic poetry .

As a poet of the three decades of 19th- century , Wordsworth occupies a permanent place .He becomes a link between man and Nature .His theory of writing poetry with rustics -words , and the language of the average , rose a controversy .Again , the idea as ,-there is no difference between the language of prose and that of poetry , came up as a new concept .From 1800-1834, Wordsworth had his sway over the contemporary English -literature .With the beginning of the Victorian age , romantic-poetry did not fade away .The new poetry was a mixture of necromantic and neo classic

.Wordsworth was still appealing , and to the second  -half of the19th century he retained his spell.