Describe in words what is happening int he following reaction:  C12H22O11 + O2 ---> H2O + CO2 + 384.6 kJ

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There was a slight error in the chemical formula, the chemical formula of the molecule on the left is C12H22O11 not C11H22O11, this is the chemical formula for sucrose or what is commonly known as table sugar.

When sugar reacts with oxygen, the reaction that takes place is known as combustion and it is exothermic in nature. Exothermic reactions lead to an increase in temperature as heat is released during the reaction.

The balanced chemical equation of the reaction is:

C12H22O11 + 12 O2 --> 11 H2O+ 12 CO2

The value 384.6 kJ is the heat of combustion of sucrose. When one molecule of sucrose undergoes combustion 384.7 kJ is energy is released.

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