Describe with 4 or 5 examples how Braithwaite gained the respect and admiration of his students in To Sir, With Love.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most of what was done to gain Braithwaite's students' respect revolves around being more effective in working with them and not against them.  When he decides to break out of traditional modes of instruction and prepare them in a more pragmatic manner for what lies outside of the classroom setting, we start to see a change in the respect level in the classroom.  At this point, we also begin to see Braithwaite work with students in a manner that is not adversarial and confrontational, but rather collegial and more of a facilitator of knowledge and understanding.  It is through this that Braithwaite listens and hears his students, making sure that he is attune to their problems.  When they start buying into this, the respect level begins to rise.  At the same time, Braithwaite shows his support of his students.  Organizing excursions and even siding with students against the singular dimension teacher helps to increase the respect that students have for Braithwaite.