Describe Why The Discovery Of America Was One Of The Most Important Events Recorded

Describe why the "discovery" of America was one of the "most important events recorded in the history of mankind," according to Adam Smith?

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This sentiment by Adam Smith was and continues to be typical of white supremacist frameworks of history and global realities. The so-called "Americas" were not discovered by the regrettably famed explorer who accidentally stumbled and fumbled his way to the Caribbean but rather had been the home of millions of people for thousands of years. While the native people of these continents managed to not destroy the health of this land for thousands of years, Columbus's confused voyage arguably catalyzed the largest loss of human lives in history via the deaths of over 100 million Indigenous people over a period of 100 years, and the enslavement and deaths of millions of African people.

Adam Smith, however, is arguing that the so-called discovery was of great importance because it so greatly benefited the wealthy and powerful of Europe. These wealthy Europeans became even richer through colonial control of lands, the slave trade, and control over resources and crops. Colonization of the...

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