Describe what Woodrow Wilson's 14 points were?

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Woodrow Wilson went to Paris at the end of World War I with a peace plan that was called the Fourteen Points. There were fourteen points in the plan that can be divided into five categories.

One category was to end secret agreements. President Wilson was embarrassed when the Allied plans for a post-World War I Europe were made public. It made the Allies look very greedy.

A second part of his plan called for letting people be ruled by people from their own ethnic group. One of the causes of World War I was that Serbians were unhappy that people from Austria and Hungary were ruling some Serbians. This led to a plot to kill Franz Ferdinand, the next king of Austria-Hungary.

A third part of the plan called for freedom of the seas. Neutral nations should have the right to trade with any country, free from illegal searches, seizures and sinkings.

A fourth part of the plan called for reducing weapons. If countries had fewer weapons, President Wilson believed that war would be less likely.

The last part of the plan called for establishing a worldwide peace group where countries could talk about their problems or issues without having to go to war over them. This organization was called the League of Nations. Ironically, while the League of Nations was created, the United States never joined it due to concerns in the United States Senate.

The Fourteen Points was divided into five major themes.

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