Describe what the various strands of the civil rights movement had in common, and identifying some significant dirrerences among the strands. U.S research

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There should be a bit more clarification to such a question.  I think that being able to discuss the various strands of the Civil Rights Movement might have a bit more focus if specified by region, distinction of thinker, or even time period.  Certainly, as already suggested, the division between "Freedom Now" and "Black Power" would reflect a divergence in thought.  This could also be seen in the Southern based movement of Dr. King and the Northern urban approach of Malcolm X.  In both, the drive for success in accomplishing rights for African- Americans, and in a larger sense to people of color, is present, but the path in which to achieve it might be read as divergent.

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The clearest thing that the various strands of the US Civil Rights Movement had in comon was that they all wanted to empower black people.  They all wanted black people to become more equal to whites.

I would say that the two most important strands of the movement were the Martin Luther King Jr. strand and the Malcolm X and Stokley Carmichael strand.  The first emphasized working with and embracing whites.  The second was more nationalist and emphasized that black people should take care of themselves and not try to mix with whites.

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