Describe what a possible balanced culture might look like in America in the future.

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A balanced culture would involve equal rights, freedoms, and protections for people of all races, religions, sexualities, and genders. It would be ruled by logic, and laws would be constructed using an ethical code, but it would allow for people to have their own spiritual beliefs.

Another aspect of a balanced culture is the removal of extreme income disparity. This could be achieved in many different ways, such as creating regulations that create wages that adjust appropriately with inflation. The government could also raise taxes on the extremely wealthy and use the tax money to help create long-term social programs that help to educate and motivate the impoverished.

Several countries have started to test what is known as "Universal Basic Income." This is an income that each citizen would be given every month, regardless of if they worked or where they worked. This income would, in theory, help to create a more balanced culture within a country by giving extremely poor citizens a means to escape poverty.

To me, a more balanced culture would incorporate the aspects of protecting individual rights. The culture, through its government, would help to create a larger middle class of citizens by helping people to advance their educations and/or training so that they could get higher paying jobs. It would also ensure that all jobs paid a living wage. Taxes would be used to fund education, infrastructure, and healthcare by funneling part of the (in my opinion, excessive) military budget that is now present in the United States. An educated and healthy population that exists in an environment that is safe and structurally sound would help to create a culture which is more balanced.

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