In Fahrenheit 451, describe what the mechanical hound can do to the human body.

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The Mechanical Hound is a menacing piece of technology programmed by the firemen to hunt down intellectuals and dissidents. The Mechanical Hound has an olfactory system capable of memorizing and recognizing ten thousand odors and human scents that allow it to track down criminals. Once the Hound comes close to its prey, a four-inch hollow steel needle protrudes from its proboscis to stab its victim. The Mechanical Hound then injects massive amounts of morphine and procaine into its victim, leaving them incapacitated. The procaine and morphine essentially anesthetize the human body, which prevents the victim from being able to move or escape. In part three, Captain Beatty attempts to arrest Montag, who ends up killing him using a flamethrower. The Mechanical Hound then leaps towards Montag and stabs him in the leg with its needle. Montag recalls feeling a burning pain, which stings and anesthetizes his leg. Fortunately, Montag survives the attack from the Mechanical Hound and is able to flee the dystopian society.

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The mechanical hound is clearly described as a deadly predator designed specifically to hunt down and immobilise prey. When we are first introduced to the mechanical hound that is kept in the fire station, we are told how to amuse themselves the firemen would let loose rats or other animals in the firestation compound and watch the ensuing carnage:

The animals were turned loose. Three seconds later the game was done, the rat, cat, or chicken caught half across the areaway, gripped by gentling paws while a four-inch hollow steel neeedle plunged down from the proboscis of the Hound to inject massive jolts of morphine or procaine.

Of course, we see how the hound operates with a human at the end of the story, when the hound catches a man who is depicted to be Montag and leaps up into the air, before seizing this poor figure and injecting him in the same way that the animals are injected and killed.

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onoimazn | Student

The mechanical hound can inject lethal jolts of morphine or procaine from a four-inch hollow steel needle to kill a human. *

*for further reference check out pg. 25 of Fahrenheit 451

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The hound can track down humans by following their sceent trail. When the hound tries to find Montag, the dog cannot becuase the people at the train tracks gave him somethign that would chage his scent. This would make it so that the hound could never find him. Hope this helps :]

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