In what sort of environment does an Achievement Culture flourish?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In business, an Achievement Culture is the pursuit of goals as top priority, and the responsibility of the workers to strive for excellence instead of artificial reward or punishment. The goals are generally ones that will benefit the working group, and since all members are equally invested in the outcome, strict management is largely unnecessary.

Most achievement culture practices are in fields where goals are met the same way every time and only need a focused, concentrated effort by the team. For example, tech support is generally a goal-oriented field, since most technical problems in a given system can be traced to the same cause each time. Tech support specialists are given leeway to solve problems and complete their tasks without major supervision both because they are competent in their fields, and because the goals for each problem are often the same. While they adapt to new problems, their skill is based on prior knowledge and so problem-solving is the goal rather than random experimentation.

The ideal environment for an achievement culture is one where the workers have the freedom to pursue their goals without stress or constant checkups; open communication of practices and goals between workers and management is also vital. Deadlines are not necessarily a negative, since they can help all the workers pull together, but they should be rare. Also, management should avoid hiring or promoting workers who pull away from the group and refuse to assist, since those workers will eventually become too competitive to be helpful.

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