Describe what is taking place in the political cartoon. Who is the man wearing the hat and who is he carrying? Where is he carrying the individual? Why is he taking this person to that location?   Did Kipling write this poem to encourage or discourage US intervention in the Philippines? Explain.   What is the "white man's burden"? Who are the "new-caught, sullen peoples"?   If you were a citizen of a colonized nation, how might you respond to Kipling's idea of the white man's burden?  

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The cartoon features Uncle Sam and John Bull (the UK equivalent of Uncle Sam) carrying baskets of Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners over a mountain range. The rocks beneath their feet represent things like ignorance and oppression, while the shining city on the hill represents civilized humanity.

The cartoon is basically saying that non-white, non-Westerners are more animalistic and less rational than white Westerners are. It promotes a colonialist philosophy that dehumanizes the colonized and contracts the idea that the colonizers overtaking these cultures and governments is for these peoples' own good.

Kipling's poem of the same name was written to encourage American colonization of the Philippines, so it is definitely a pro-colonial work. He presents the "civilizing" of the "half-devil" and "half-child" non-white peoples as a hard but noble goal. The "white man's burden" is essentially this colonialist goal and the "new-caught, sullen...

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