Describe what happens when Jem and Atticus visit the Robinson's home. 

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As Jem and Dill make their way back from swimming at Barker's Eddy, they see Atticus driving and wave at him to stop. Atticus is not on his way home, but he agrees to let them come with him if they agree to stay in the car. With Calpurnia in the backseat, Atticus is on his way to Tom Robinson's house to deliver news that Tom has been shot and killed. They arrive at Tom's house, where children are outside playing marbles. Sam, Tom's son, goes to find Tom's wife, Helen. Atticus removes his hat and helps a little girl down the steps by offering her his finger to hold. Helen arrives and asks Atticus if he would like to sit down. No more words are exchanged, but Helen seems to become aware of the reason for Atticus's visit. According to Dill, "She just fell down in the dirt." Atticus and Calpurnia then help Helen inside. As they are leaving Tom's house and driving past the dump, they are yelled at by some of the Ewells.

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In Chapter 24, Atticus interrupts Aunt Alexandra's missionary circle to ask Calpurnia to travel with him to Helen Robinson's home so that he can bring her the news of Tom's death. In Chapter 25, Scout retells Dill's story about Jem's visit to the Robinson home. Dill says that he and Jem had just finished swimming and flagged down Atticus as he was driving towards them. Atticus eventually allowed Jem and Dill to ride with him to Helen Robinson's home and explained the story to them in the car. Dill tells Scout that when they arrived at the Negro cabins, they saw several children playing marbles in the yard. Atticus then asked for Helen, and Sam ran to get her. Atticus then helped Helen's younger daughter down the steps and gave her to Calpurnia as he told Helen the news about her husband. Dill then tells Scout that Helen suddenly fell to the ground upon hearing the news, and both Cal and Atticus had to help her up. Dill said that after Atticus and Cal took Helen into the cabin, they stayed inside for a long time until Atticus came out.

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