Describe what happens in each stage of a group's development acccording to Tuckman's Five-Stage Model. What's the leading requirements in each stage?

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jenlombardo eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The five stages of Tuckman's development model are forming, storming, norming, performing, and mourning.  The stages reflect the changes that a group moves through in an organizational environment.  The first stage is called forming.  This is where individuals in the group are examining each other and deciding on roles.  There is usually no conflict at this stage.  The second stage is called storming and is where the brainstorming happens.  The group starts throwing out ideas and the interaction can be full of conflict and different opinions.  The third stage is norming and in at this point members of the group have come to a consensus.  Certain members have had to give up on their stance or ideas for the group to move ahead.  The fourth stage is when the group starts to perform and acts as a team.  Enormous productivity can occur and differences have been put aside.  Lastly, the fifth stage which was added in 1977 is called mourning.  This stage is usually unpleasant as the team or group is dismantled.